UNDERGROUND is the original YouTube video game.


About Underground

Hosted entirely on YouTube®, Underground is a 21st-century scavenger hunt you can do on your own or with a bunch of friends! Each game puzzle includes 11 video codes and clues. The prize is a mystery video that will make you want to play again! This revolutionary game has been painstakingly crafted by Semper-Vi Games, and we’re thrilled for you to play it. Check it out for yourself and learn why it’s taking the gaming world by storm!

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Dive Into a Thrilling World of Clues with Underground

  • Underground is an exciting, challenging game that all happens in YouTube videos. Find all the clues, and you win. Good luck!

    1. The game gives you YouTube video codes (ex. Xw4AV_BeE24). Make sure you use these! Using the search bar instead will either give you multiple hits or no results at all, so use the following format: youtube.com/watch?v=[insert code here].

    2. Once you find a video, you’ll have to watch a certain segment containing a clue. It may be just a few seconds or the entire video. You’ll know which part to watch thanks to provided codes. For example, 0109-0112 means watch 1:09 to 1:12.

    3. When you spot a clue, make sure you write it down in the correct letter case. If the clue appears in the UPPER CASE, write it down in the UPPER CASE. If the clue appears in lower case, then write it in lower case. For example:

      1. Clue: COLOR

      2. Answer: YELLOW, or

      3. Clue: color

      4. Answer: yellow

    4. Once you’ve collected all 11 clues, take the first letter of each one. It will form an acrostic .... the 11-character code to your mystery prize video! Plug the code in, and you WIN!

    Join the esteemed community of Underground winners today! Play now.

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Underground Tips

  1. Find all 11 videos, in sequence. Use the video code (example: Xw4AV_BeE24 ) to go to the correct YouTube video. Do NOT use YouTube search bar to find these videos. You will get multiple hits or no results at all (unlisted videos). Instead use the web address format: youtube.com/watch?v=[insert code here]. Example: youtube.com/watch?v=[Xw4AV_BeE24]
  2. Watch the time interval requested. It might be a few seconds, it might be the entire video. Example: 0109-0112 means watch 1:09 thru 1:12. The clue will be found in this part.
  3. Write down the answer to the clue in the correct letter case. In other words, if the clue is in UPPER CASE, then write down the answer in UPPER CASE. If the clue is in lower case, then write down the answer in lower case. Example: Clue: COLOR. Answer: YELLOW. or, Clue: color. Answer: yellow.
  4. After you have all 11 answers to the clues, take the first letter of each answer and it forms an acrostic…the 11-character code to the mystery video! Go to that video (using the address bar again), and you WIN!!
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Find all 11 clues!