Bump! is the captivating game of Pong with Curve Balls

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About Bump!

Enjoy a modern twist on a timeless game. Bump! is inspired by Tomy®’s 1977 handheld game, Blip. We’ve digitized this previously mechanical game, and the result is an addictive game you’ll love to play. You can play on your own, with a friend, or against the game to improve your reaction time. Download Bump! on your iOS or Android device for instant fun!

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Bump is a tennis/ping-pong-style game that requires you to keep the ball moving for a timed period! You’re in charge of one side of the game, and when the ball comes your way, you have to “bump” it back by holding down the square it’s going to hit. There are three squares, and if you choose the right one, the ball heads back to your opponent, and you get a point! If you choose the wrong square and the ball gets past you, your opponent gets the point. Whoever has the most points when the timer stops is the winner.


A Unique, Multiplayer Game!

You’ll never get bored of Bump! because it features three difficulty levels and five play modes. It’s available on the Google Play store as well as the App Store, so check it out! Download Bump! and try it for yourself today!